Havening Hands

Mitigating Trauma, Improving Lives

Meet Sandy Styer

Long a believer in the oneness of mind and body, I was introduced to Havening by a friend, Elena Kindler. She shared her experience with this modality with me, and I immediately started the training. I completed my hands-on practice and, in July of 2019, received my
Certification In Havening.


I can work with you either from my office in northern New Jersey, virtually, or at your home or office, whichever feels more comfortable. Please give me a call.



Sandy's gentle hands and skilled prompts brought me to a place of calm and serenity. We introduced a conflict that was personal to me, and unraveled it. I look back on the short time we spent on this unique process as an oasis. I can't recommend Havening with Sandy enough.  -H.B.

Sandy’s Havening had a tremendous impact on me while I was dealing with traumatic stress.  I am forever grateful to her for bringing this healing into my soul with these powerful techniques.  -T.D. 


Who Can Benefit from Havening?

Skeptic, believer, or just curious? Havening has worked for hundreds of people on these issues:


Recurring Negative Thoughts
  • Not letting go of perceived slights by others or your own mistakes

  • Continuing feelings of not belonging or being inadequate


Grieving and Loss
  • Loved One

  • Pets

  • Sense of Self


Undue or Persistent Worrying
  • Nervousness

  • Everyday Stress

  • Feeling overwhelmed or panicky


Fears and Phobias
  • Abandonment
  • Animals or birds

  • Death or dying

  • Fear of losing control

  • Fear of public speaking


Trauma Mitigation
  • One-time horrific events
  • Prolonged adult or childhood abuse/neglect

  • Witnessing traumatic events

  • Sexual abuse

  • Physical or mental abuse


Increasing Resilience and Emotional Wellness; Regaining Joy
  • A richer and more resilient brain landscape

  • Recovery from stressful events more quickly

  • Greater feeling of lightness


Havening with Sandy helped me overcome a fear of dealing with my ex-husband. I regularly use the techniques to reset my thinking and feeling to a more positive perspective. -E.L.

I was sitting in my doctor’s waiting area, feeling a little tense about my appointment. I used the self-havening and breathing techniques for a few minutes before being called in, and when the tech took my blood pressure it was 116/62. Total calm. Thank you!  -L.S.


What is Havening?

Gentle Talk. Safe Touch. The term Havening simply means creating a safe haven, a place of peace and calm within us.   Havening  is designed to help overcome problems, reactions and patterns caused by traumatic or stressful experiences, using touch and talk as tools.

Developed by Ronald Ruden, MD, PhD Havening is an innovative, psychosensory tool based on research in neuroscience and neurobiology.  Havening uses sensory input to alter thought, mood, and behavior.  It is believed that when you perceive an event or experience as traumatic or stressful, it becomes immutably encoded in your brain and body, often with negative, life-changing consequences.  Havening is designed to de-traumatize your nervous system by removing or altering the emotional memory of your traumatic or stressful life event and its negative effects


Although Havening is a collaborative work between practitioner and client, you need not accept or believe in it to benefit. 

Skeptics are welcome!


While Havening was developed by a medical doctor,  it is still important to understand that Havening has yet to be fully researched by the Western academic, medical, and psychological communities; therefore, Havening could be considered experimental.  Havening is self-regulated and is considered an alternative or complementary modality and can work in concert with many other forms of therapy.  If you have questions or concerns about Havening, visit www.havening.org or contact me and we can talk.

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